What Is Fair Trade Coffee?

What Is Fair Trade Coffee?

A refreshing cup of coffee in the morning (and at any time of the day) feels so wonderful. And it’s a proven fact that this delightful beverage has many health benefits too rather than just being an energy booster.

These days many coffee lovers are serious about caffeinating responsibly. In other words, even though they feel like a functioning human being after only one cup of coffee, they are thoughtful about the journey of the coffee bean – where was it grown, who grew it, how was it treated, did the process honor the hard-working farmers, etc.

What Is Fair Trade Coffee?

Fair trade coffee or fair trade certified coffee is all about the origin of the coffee.  A fair trade certification attests to the fact that a particular coffee brand is respecting the coffee farm workers by giving them better labor conditions, ensuring minimum price for their coffee, and guarding them against market price fluctuations. In simple terms, a fair trade coffee gives ethical treatment to coffee laborers.

Fair trade coffee happens through a partnership between coffee producers and coffee roasters to offer a subsistence wage to those who work to deliver us a quality product. It also guarantees sustainable farming methods to curtail harmful environmental impacts as well as the protection of farmers’ health and ecosystem.

When a coffee brand is labeled as a fair trade brand, it means:

  • Coffee farmers are provided with a fair price
  •  Laborers are assured of fair and non-discriminatory working conditions
  • Sustainable farming methods are followed
  • There are no unnecessary middlemen between coffee farmers and importers
  • Transparent trade gives consumers a clearer insight into how much of their coffee spending goes back to growers. 
  • There is a strong support for community development and environmental benefit

Fair trade benefits go beyond the farmer. It affects the lives of all the people involved.

Consumers: Fair Trade empowers consumers to make well-informed and poised decisions about their coffee purchases. They can have self-assurance that the coffee they enjoy is produced and traded fairly.

Coffee Farmers: Fair Trade empowers coffee farmers in creating a better world around them as they can invest their remuneration into community uplifting projects and initiatives.

Environment: Fair Trade promotes environmental stewardship through sustainable farming practices. It not only safeguards the health of the farmers but also protects and preserves the wildlife and ecosystems.

Are You Ready to Choose Fair Trade Coffee?

If you are choosing organic fair trade coffee like Birds & Beans Bird-Friendly Coffee, you can be assured that each heavenly cup of coffee that you consume daily is coming from beans that are grown and roasted in ethical, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly ways.

When you purchase Birds & Beans Bird-Friendly Coffee, you are getting involved in a unique revolution that supports a better life for poverty-ridden farming families, their children, and their communities through fair prices.

To know more about how buying our coffee can help you bring poor coffee farmers closer to getting a sustainable living, contact us right away!

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