What is Bird Friendly® Coffee?

What is Bird Friendly® Coffee?

Bird Friendly® is a certification that does more than any other certification to protect the habitats of birds and other wildlife. It was developed by Smithsonian scientists for coffee in the late 1990s to preserve habitat and protect migrating songbirds. Certification standards require farms to maintain at least 40% shade coverage and make recommendations on the variety and size of trees that make up a tree canopy. These strict guidelines ensure a variety of habitats that support wildlife assets. Surveys by biologists have revealed that a shady coffee plantation harbors almost as much biodiversity as an intact forest.

Bird-friendly® habitats provide a mix of foliage cover, tree height, and biodiversity, creating and sustaining better habitats for birds and other wildlife. Bird Friendly® also provides farmers with premium wages for their products and, due to strict standards, bird-friendly programs are also an important asset in the fight against climate change.

A Bird Friendly® Coffee habitat sets itself apart by protecting a combination of ground cover and tree diversity to provide quality natural habitats for birds and other wildlife.

Bird Friendly® Facts

Bird populations in the United States and Canada have declined by approximately 30% - a total loss of 3 billion birds - since 1970, with habitat loss being the primary reason.

75% of the world's coffee is grown with practices that leave no room for birds, or worse, actively destroy forest habitat. When the forest starts to disappear, so do migratory songbirds.

Bird Friendly® Farms are certified 100% organic, and use no harmful pesticides, making them better for people and the planet.

Bird Friendly® certification protects birds and their habitats through the hard work of 5,100 bird-friendly farmers in 11 countries who grow 34 million pounds of coffee annually.

Why Buy Bird Friendly®?

Bird Friendly® Coffee helps support sustainability and creates a better world for wildlife and farmers alike. When you brew a cup of Birds and Beans Bird Friendly® Coffee, you are doing your part in helping with habitat preservation. Birds and Beans Coffee offers a wide variety of roasts and grinds. To find your sustainable coffee ritual jump on over to our product page today!


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