Medium Roast

Medium Roast

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Our Wood Thrush, Breakfast Roast is our medium roast and the best way to start your day! This Bird Friendly® blend has a mild sweet flavor, light body, and fragrant floral aroma with a note of creamy milk chocolate.  

This shade-grown coffee is from the family farm UCA San Juan del Rio Coco. These farms in the Northern Nicaraguan highlands are a hub of self-sustaining rural economy and critical habitat for migratory and indigenous birds.

Deforestation affects migratory birds because it removes entire regions of habitats and ecosystems. By supporting the Smithsonian Bird Friendly® program we are protecting habitat from the threat of deforestation. Bird Friendly® Coffee is planted under a canopy of trees and provides forest-like habitat for birds. 

  • 100% Bird Friendly® Coffee
  • 100% Organic Coffee - USDA Organic Certified
  • 100% Fair Trade Coffee
  • 12oz & 2lb bags available