Look, See the Farm!

Look, See the Farm!

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A story about organic farms and the birds that live on them by Bill Wilson (Author and Birds & Beans Founder), Katie Fallon  (Author), Leigh Anne Carter (Illustrator).

Look, See the Farm! teaches children about connecting with nature, as they join Kelsey and Avery in learning about local birds and their habits. Beautifully illustrated, with a universal message and an enduring appeal, let this exciting journey be the start of a newfound appreciation for nature’s beauty!

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“Two sisters take a delightful trip through the seasons and observe the birds they encounter on their grandparents’ organic farm. Charming illustrations accompany the simple story. Questions for discussion and more information about the birds are included at the end of the book. This book would be a useful addition to any child’s nature library.” - Emily Sallitt, MLS, librarian Dallas, Pennsylvania

“I am very happy that Bill Wilson and Katie Fallon are writing children’s books like these. It was great to read a book clearly proclaiming the benefits of organic farming to children (and their parents!). I really enjoyed the bit at the end too, with the ‘birds in this book’.” –  Allison K Wilson, PhD, co-founder and Science Director of the Bioscience Resource Project Ithaca, New York

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